Feardemic – Where Horror Comes Home


Horror seems like a counter intuitive specialization for a publisher. As a developer, yes. The specialization allows you to perfect your skills in the development and a style of game and develop a valuable technical expertise. As a publisher however you would assume that it would be most advantageous to cover all genres to maximize your growth potential. 

In this debate it is our proposition that horror fails to meet the requirement of a genre and that in fact it is more of a treatment, feature or characteristic. In our understanding of horror, it is the point of emotional engagement that makes the experience of playing a game most rewarding for the user. A point of stress and fear that is often always followed with elation and relief as your mind adjust back to some sort of reality.  

If you accept that horror is not a genre but a critical aspect of a great gaming experience, then suddenly the world opens to the potential of a horror framed game to exist in almost every known genre. Whether it be a management simulation or a first-person shooter - that moment of horror, fear and trepidation is the part that engages the true self and makes the game the most magical. 

Feardemic is determined to show just how versatile Horror is and how that it transcends the boundaries of genre and can appeal to all audiences of ages.

In the next twelve months we have plans for several games in the works, and to deliver them we plan to invest in several studios and built our own teams to create compelling content.

We have been fortunate enough to start from an amazing talent base in that we have grown out of Bloober Team and can benefit from the years of experience that they have in designing and developing some of horrors most respected games. We have also had the opportunity to surround ourselves with young developers and fresh new ideas that we believe will help us create one of the most complete collections of horror tinged intellectual property ever assembled.

Join us on the journey and do it scared!

Rafal BasajFeardemic