The Padre – the papal secret


In the outside world he may live in the shadows. He may traverse the dark corners of the world in anonymity, ready to fight evil wherever it lurks for the safety and protection of man’s soul. In some circles he is known as the Pope’s red right hand, in others he is known simply as god’s humble servant.  

But you may be surprised to learn that on Vatican TV he is its most popular star. Perhaps surprised to know because Vatican TV is the smallest cable network in the world, catering to a small geographical part of the precinct of Vatican City and those who live within its parameters. 

Our Padre hosts two of the most popular weekly programs on the network. Sunday nights “Ask Padre” and the Friday night favorite “Padre’s Wine Library”. 

With permission from the powers that be, we are honored and amazed to be able to bring you some small segments from the above-mentioned programs and feature them on our YouTube channel. 

Don’t share them too widely however as the Padre’s low profile is critical to his demon hunting work! 

Rafal BasajThe Padre